Pirate Ship

For a little girl who loves pirates!


Clarence Halloween Birthday

A Halloween birthday!

Subtle Wedding

The couple who ordered this cake are comic character fans. We wanted to incorporate their individual interests in the cake but they were hesitant. They did not want the cake to be bright, garish or scream their fandom. We decided on a classic, elegant look with spider mums, roses, and ribbons. I love the way the patterning in the ribbons turned out, with one comic emblem on the bottom tier, the second on the next and both together to create a new pattern on the top tier.

Black Love

What a happy birthday cake this is!

Spider Mum Wedding

Offset square cake with my first attempt at spider mums. I’m very pleased with the way they came out!


Surprise groom’s cake, made several weeks before the world series started. He swore this was their year. I offered my condolences and made the best cake I could anyway. Who knew? He did. Yes he did.