March Madness

I thought this was an interesting way to approach the basketball/net image. He shoots – he scores!



The fondant details Kent created for this cake look fantastic! He figured out how to put indentations on the basketballs so we did not have to draw black basketball lines on them, which IMHO always tend to look a little fakie.


This cake was for Mr. Crump, who shares his enthusiasm for creating music with the youth at his church. I love stories like this. Educators who care enough to involve young people and fuel their excitement in music should be recognized. His friends decided to thank him on his 45th birthday with his own brand of keyboard and a drum kit, in honor of where it all started.
And for the record – I have always thought KitKats looked like the black keys. Mmmmmm

Touchdowns or Tutus

This is a cake for a gender reveal party. Unfortunately we could not find out the gender in time to be able to bake the color into the cake, but I love the way this design turned out. The green and the pink pop off each other makes it so bright and happy!