Menu and Pricing

Cake Flavors:







Red Velvet

We do not offer fresh fruit at this time

If you have a favorite flavor or recipe you do not see here, let us know and we will try to make it!



Chocolate Buttercream

Hazelnut Chocolate Buttercream


Chocolate Clay


Cake is sold on a per serving basis, with serving size being 1″ x 2″ pieces.

Price starts at $3.00 per serving.

Chocolate coverings are an additional $1.00 per serving.

There is a minimum of $35/ order.

Cakes must be ordered at least one week in advance. A $50 additional rush fee will be applied if the cake is ordered less than a week in advance.

All cakes over $100 must be paid in full one week before pickup/delivery.

A $50 “save the date” deposit is required on all orders over $100. The deposit will be applied to the total value of the cake and is refundable up to the week before pickup/delivery.

If there is significant cake-carving requested, the per serving charge applies to the total amount of cake prepared, not the remaining amount served.

Payments in person can be made by check or cash. If you prefer to use a credit card you may do so via PayPal to (you do not need to have an account to use this option)


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